Data Engineer for Advanced Analytics

Data Management Posted date 8 June 2021 KøbenhavnTDC

Join us and become our new Data Engineer in Advanced Analytics where you’ll innovate our area within data engineering and DevOps and support productizing our analytics solutions. You will be part of building the foundation a high-performance team while innovating our area with data science.

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Welcome to Advanced Analytics

Here you help to innovate our area within computer technology and DevOps and support the productivity of our analysis solutions. You will be a part of building the foundation for a high performing team. We have a goal to promote the use of Analytics across TDC NET and build analytics solutions with immediate business impact all the way from investment support to improving operation and maintenance solutions. We are constantly developing our ways of working, engaging with the analysis community and collaborating with universities to be at the forefront.

About the job

Your key tasks will be to

  • participate in the design, implementation, unit, integration and system test phases to ensure modularity, reusability and quality of data pipeline and solutions
  • utilizing and implementing the right technologies and frameworks based on the architecture and requirements
  • continuously innovate to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality
  • collaborate with our data scientists and business experts to do data discovery, data cleaning and aggregation to make great tools and products
  • ensure that necessary documentation is created, completed and compliant
  • coordinate with different functional teams across business and IT to implement data processing and monitor outcomes

We are in the beginning of an exciting journey with lots of available data that we need that we can use to challenge status quo and help transform TDC NET. 

We are looking for a person with the ability to dive into the data we have and wrangle it into AI and machine learning based tools that improves the business and is a joy to use.” – Head of Advanced Analytics, TDC NET

About you

Your competences include that you

  • hold a master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science and knowledge within data engineering and software DevOps
  • have experience with Scala & Python or another programming language and willingness to learn Scala and Python
  • have knowledge of data modelling techniques and how to handle large amount of data
  • are committed with a holistic view on potential solutions

And you want the opportunity to learn and work with

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services such as Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks and Azure DevOps as well as Snowflake
  • best practices for integration a diverse set of source systems
  • sprint based agile principles and a dynamic team

Advanced Analytics is a multicultural and passionate team consisting of data engineers, data scientists and visualization experts with responsibility for both development and operations.

You will be part of a stated goal of advancing the use of Analytics across TDC NET and experience the thrill of building analytics solutions with immediate business impact all the way from investment support to improving the operations and maintenance solutions. You will work on a big data cloud-based platform that we are laying the foundation to, so you get the chance to put your signature on the design. We constantly evolve our ways of working, engage with the analytics community, and collaborate with universities to be at the forefront of development


TDC is in the midst of an exciting transformation where our network operation and infrastructure organization was just recently established as a stand-alone company, called TDC NET. We are on a virtualization journey and on the forefront of the 5G introduction. TDC NET has a clear mission of providing the best mobile network and the fastest fixed connections to all of Denmark. We connect Denmark. For everyone.

  • Posted date 8 June 2021