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Data Science & AI Posted date 14 November 2020 KøbenhavnVisma

Visma is Scandinavia’s largest software company and one of the biggest SaaS vendors in Europe. The VML Machine Learning team delivers state of the art machine learning products integrated into Visma’s fleet of business systems – processing millions of business documents and millions of transactions every month.

The engineering team is responsible for running our production services – as well as delivering efficient tooling for the data science team in charge of model development.

We strive to deliver on the promise of cloud native technology – great robustness, great scalability and great manageability. Our machine learning components are based on Google Tensorflow, TFX, Apache Beam running on Kubeflow – with some legacy python-based ML as baggage.

We’re looking for an engineer with solid experience – preferably in a senior role – in one or more of the following:

  • The Cloud Native toolchain – technologies like

    • Kubernetes

    • Terraform

    • Prometheus

    • Istio/Envoy

    • GRPC

  • The Google Compute Platform e.g.

    • Stackdriver

    • BigQuery

  • Data Science at scale

    • Data pipelines

    • Training pipelines

    • Tensorflow

    • TFX

    • Apache Beam

    • Kubeflow

  • Experience with one or more of the programming languages in our toolchain

    • Go

    • Python

We welcome applications regardless of whether you come from more of a data science background or more of a cloud native/devops background. We also welcome applications from recent graduates even though we’re looking primarily for senior-level experience.

  • Posted date 14 November 2020
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