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Data Science & AI Posted date 30 September 2020 KøbenhavnPleo
Lead the BI & data team inside our company. The type of person who would likely find this more interesting would be an entrepreneur-at-heart who is driven by building something that hasn’t been around before but also understands that making our features better is key to success.

You’ll be confident to set the team vision and direction, identify key problems that data can help to solve and hire key people. You’ll also be comfortable being able to roll up your sleeves and do some coding yourself. Saying that, you’ll also be working with a series of data engineers/ scientists/ analysts/ PMs to try to figure out the best way for Pleo to use data.
To explain briefly what we do: we work on a company spending app called Pleo. We believe that companies should trust every employee that they hire to spend company money sensibly. The easiest way that we see this happening is to delegate spending through company cards, and link purchases to in app. As an employee of Pleo myself, I can tell you how I use it. I buy something at a POS, get a push, snap a pic of the receipt and that’s it. Admins and the finance team get visibility to what I just spent money on (this integrates to their own system) and I never had to pay out-of-pocket.
We are are looking for someone to help build up our data and BI area.
The key problems the data and BI area aims to solve are:
• Provide product managers and other stakeholders with tools to easily analyse their products and the launch of new features
• Provide proactively insights based on data to help improve our products
• Create a framework for A/B and multivariant testing and help run tests when needed
• Create a framework and setup for leveraging machine learning to solve various problems throughout our product and processes
• Build and improve on our current data piping setup
Ultimately, you’ll be the person behind the wheel to steer us towards a data-driven culture – both in product and throughout the company as a whole.
Good news!
We already have a good technical infrastructure for piping and storing data: it needs to be built up but you won’t have to spend the first six months rebuilding this (we did this right from the start). You will start with a small team of a talented engineer and product analyst. This team is expected to grow significantly during the next nine months.
If this is your next step in your journey with data, please apply (it’s pretty low-admin. You can send a LinkedIn link and no cover letter and that’s it.)

The nitty gritty skills needed

    • Have a degree from a university in a highly technically numerate subject (eg. Maths, Physics, Engineering or Economics)
    • Have a very strong strong domain knowledge in data science
    • Have good understanding of product analytics
    • Are a strong and humble leader
    • Care deeply about customers and story behind the data and be able to convey that story

You know your way around

    • Server-side languages (we mostly use Kotlin and TypeScript but we know you can learn new languages)
    • Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Spanner)
    • Basic scripting (Bash, Python)
    • Building teams

We’ll geek out if you

    • Also worked in Data science as a PM, product analyst or engineer
    • Are a former entrepreneur

Your colleagues say you

    • Work in English with ease (it’s our company language)
    • Problem solver that always brings backed up opinions to the table
    • Keep them honest by challenging old truths with data
    • Are great at explaining complex things
    • Very curious to the the story and the people behind the data
    • Get things done
    • Would be a person that they would actually like to have a coffee with (virtual or not)

Your mom says that you

    • Work in computers (moms!)
    • Are a great listener to and teller of stories
    • Is a little bit annoying when you constantly are challenging her conclusion based on anecdotal stories
    • Are kind

Show me the benefits!

    • Your own Pleo card (no more out-of-pocket spending)
    • Ability to work remotely (anywhere between east coast of the Americas to European timezones)…
    • …or onsite if you want to (Copenhagen or London)
    • Flexible working remote options for those onsite (just speak to your team)
    • Quarterly trips to somewhere for team camps (both company-wide ones and team-specific ones). The last one was in Northern Ireland this December!
    • Investment in learning & developing (just check with your team for what’s reasonable, we don’t have set budgets)

And here are some other nice gestures that we do

    • Catered lunch in our HQ and London offices when you’re here
    • 25 days holidays (annual)
    • Loads of weird and wonderful niche communities to join in the company (we’re talking guerrilla gardening, liquids tasting, the Pleo band, learning to code initiatives, beer brewing, skiing, that type of thing)
    • Wild enthusiasm and encouragement from us if you want to host MeetUps, events, etc – we’ll help (venue, food etc)
The reason most of us work at Pleo is because we want to change the workplace of today. We are motivated by companies trusting with us and giving us autonomy to work in the best way for us – and for the company. Pleo solves today’s company spending problem. We empower companies with an app that links up to pre-paid cards. Every person gets a card, and is trusted with spending company money. After all, if you’re trusted enough to be hired, you should be trusted enough with spending money responsibly.
Being HQ’d out of Copenhagen means we’re inspired by sensible things like a good work-life balance. If you don’t work in one of our offices with us we’ll help you get up the best remote set up possible, and will fly you in once a quarter for team camps.
  • Posted date 30 September 2020
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