Senior Data Scientist

Data Science & AI Posted date 31 August 2021 LillerødWeibel

Do you want to influence next generation software solutions in the worlds most advanced Doppler radar systems?

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At Weibel, we have a long and proud history of developing and manufacturing the most advanced radar systems in the world, for clients like NASA, JAXA and Lockheed Martin. We are looking for an experienced candidate to help improve our tracking systems in both tracking fidelity and the target information.

Adding information and knowledge

Current generation software relies on classic signal processing like target detection/tracking and angle estimation. Additional information is usually supplied by human operators with a priori knowledge. Our goal is to have our systems autonomously add more information about the targets that are being tracked to the user (Is this e.g. a jet or a helicopter) and use that information to improve the processing results. Weibel is expanding our investments in this area and we are looking for a new colleague to direct and steer the development.

We expect you to work on tasks like:

  • Drive analysis and data capture
  • Prioritization of focus areas
  • Stay updated on latest developments in the field
  • Mature solutions from proof of concept to operational solutions
  • Communication and knowledge sharing within our team

Working at Weibel will give you the opportunity to move from concept to real world trials very quickly. Our test site allows testing on live systems capable of tracking both airliners and satellites with the option of automated data collection.

Travelling should be expected to be around 5-10 days a year.

Driving development of information centric solutions

Weibel is looking for a candidate with a strong background as a data scientist and experience with taking a technology from offline analysis to live systems with real-time requirements. As a person, we expect you to be curious about the way our systems are being used and able to translate this knowledge into solutions, which will add value for our customers. You work with great sense of ownership and ensures progress in bringing new products to market.

We assume your CV includes:

  • 5+ years of experience as a data scientist
  • Master or Ph.D. within a relevant field
  • Multiple projects involving advanced modelling or machine learning
  • Experience with technical supervision and teaching

Your new team

You will join 9 very skilled and dedicated colleagues with backgrounds in engineering, mathematics and physics. We manage all steps from design to implementation of software and algorithms with a high degree of corporation and open knowledge sharing. We prioritize on-going development of our processes and integrate new technology when necessary.

Your team is part of a larger R&D department of 80 employees working on all aspects of our radar products including mechanical design, hardware development, and user interfaces.

  • Posted date 31 August 2021