Student Research Assistant

Analysis & Analytics Posted date 4 May 2021 KøbenhavnSNIPR BIOME

Do you have experience in bioinformatics? Would you like to be part of a dynamic team to help SNIPR BIOME develop new medicines? If yes, you have the opportunity to join SNIPR BIOME in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen

Our main goal is to engineer microbiomes using CRISPR technology, to treat a number of serious and life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. The working environment is fun, fast-paced, collaborative, and outcome focused.

We are looking for a student research assistant with experience in biological data analysis. The ideal candidate must have experience with next-generation sequencing data, comparative genomics, statistical inference, and excellent interpersonal communication skills, particularly in English.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Assist in data processing such as genome assembly and annotation from next generation and third-generation sequencing platforms.

  • Help query, mine, and manage (public) genomic databases.

  • Assist in genomic associations from experimental data.

  • Work hand-in-hand with our bioinformaticians and biologists to unravel complex biological mechanisms from microbial genomic data.


  • Experience with Linux-environment via command-line interface.

  • Experience with scripting languages such as Scala, R, and Python.

  • Experience in processing short-/long-read sequencing data.

  • Experience in running out-of-the-box bioinformatic tools.

  • Able to work for at least 2 days per week.

  • Posted date 4 May 2021