Student Worker Analyst

Analysis & Analytics Posted date 31 August 2021 BrøndbyMilestone Systems

Ready to be responsible for collecting, prepping and analysing field data?

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At Milestone you will join a leading global provider of IP Video Management Systems in and beyond security. As a global company with Scandinavian heritage we continue our 20+ years of continuous growth and expect employee #1,000 to be joining us in a nearby future. However, in many ways we still think and act like a start-up. We get the idea and we act on it.

As a Student Worker Analyst you will work closely with the entire Product Management team. Primary tasks will fall under the research-oriented and administrative work where you will be responsible for collecting, prepping and analysing field data as well as desk research such as competitive analysis, market analysis, and product comparison tasks. Additionally, you will play a key role in assisting on maintaining and updating the information systems used in Product Management.

You will therefore have an important role in below tasks:

  • Drive Advisory Board survey insights regularly – build surveys, analyze inputs and presenting key results
  • Manage and administer Product Management Advisory Board meetings
  • Data retrieval and analysis of inputs from various stakeholders
  • Information delivery – structuring, preparing, and analyzing data gathered from market insights
  • Support Product Managers in ad hoc tasks (participate in meetings, collect insights, competitive analysis, coordinate product releases etc.

Preferred skills
If you are studying a Bachelor or Masters degree with a minimum of two years left before graduating, then you could be the person we are looking for.

Your work schedule will be flexible according to your studies but we are expecting that you will work approximately 15 hours a week. If you are change willing, have an international mindset and are interested in growing as a professional, you will fit perfectly.

This could be how you would describe yourself:

  • Able to run on your own research projects
  • Reliable and curious
  • Flexible and coachable
  • Structured mindset
  • Thrive in a dynamic environment
  • Oriented to detail while maintaining the overview
  • Driven by research and explorative projects

Your new department and team
You will join Product Management with a team of 13 highly skilled and motivated colleagues within the Technology Group in Milestone.

Our diverse team believes in trust, respect and empowerment as key drivers for both results and job satisfaction. The environment is first and foremost based on teamwork as a mirror of the very special and positive culture that characterizes Milestone as a workplace.

  • Posted date 31 August 2021