Data Scientist

Data Science & AI Tilføjet 2. juli, 2021 BallerupGN

Do you like finding patterns in big chunks of data and create critical insights that make life sound better to people around the globe?

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Join GN and contribute to feature, platform and technology development and work with cutting-edge technologies.

“You’ll get a unique opportunity to work with large amounts of data. Your work feeds directly into the company and makes a real difference for people with hearing loss,” says Anthea Bott, Team Lead.

We inspire innovation
Join GN Hearing at our HQ in Ballerup, Denmark. More than 8% of our revenue goes into research and development – enabling us to create intelligent audio solutions that transform the lives of people with hearing impairment.

In our R&D Machine Learning team, you will become part of a small and enthusiastic group of data scientists, machine learning engineers and audiologists who are passionate about their work. Moreover, you can look forward to collaborating and sharing knowledge with our research teams in the Netherlands and USA.

Your data analyses give us valuable insights

As our new data scientist, you will help us analyze data on how hearing aids are used by patients all over the world. The data is used in the product development phase to enhance the user experience and let our users hear more, do more and be more than ever thought possible.

You will immerse yourself into statistics, probability theory, programming (in Python) and Azure – and you will also have the opportunity to work with Pandas, Spark, XGBoost, Random Forest and neural networks.

More specifically, you will:

  • Study and transform data science prototypes, i.e. make analyses of raw data from our data lake
  • Select appropriate statistical analyses for large data sets
  • Derive model numbers and make sure they associate real user behavior
  • Extend existing machine learning libraries and frameworks
  • Keep abreast of latest developments in the machine learning field

Curious and enthusiastic about data science

To match this role, you have an analytical approach to problem-solving, and you like to learn new things and get your teeth into applied research. Also, you are a team player who can collaborate with your team and a variety of colleagues from different departments – from audiologists to marketeers and R&D professionals.

Moreover, you:

  • Bring an MSc in computer science, mathematics or similar
  • Have a strong background in advanced statistical analysis
  • Can write robust code in Python
  • Have experience using Pandas and similar Python data libraries
  • Are familiar with Azure
  • Speak and write English effortlessly as English is our corporate language
  • Tilføjet 2. juli, 2021