Data Scientist – AI/ML

Data Science & AI Tilføjet 4. juni, 2022 SøborgNovo Nordisk

Are you enthusiastic about driving the design of next generation healthcare solutions that will change the life of patients with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases? Do you want to be on the cutting edge of science to discover novel therapies and delivery technologies that patients both need and want?

About the department

The AI and Analytics Team is part of Novo Nordisk’s Data Science division, where we apply sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to some of the hardest problems in the discovery and development of new healthcare solutions. By leveraging a blend of scientific, problem-solving, and quantitative skills, we provide superior data insights that empower Novo Nordisk to further develop and deliver life-changing treatments. We work in multidisciplinary teams with strong collaboration across all areas of the organization and engage in external collaborations to ensure access to cutting edge research and technology.

We believe in the value of a diverse and inclusive culture. Together, we build and grow talent to ensure the development of new solutions. The team is comprised of collaborative, diverse and passionate people who have a true sense of pride in their work. We are committed to helping each other grow, and we are driven by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people living with chronic disease. Everything we do starts and ends with the patient. And, while changing the future of chronic disease treatment, such as diabetes and obesity, is no easy task, we also recognize the importance of an enjoyable workplace, which is why we’ve cultivated a culture of fun, ingenuity, and innovation. Our competitive compensation package and support of a healthy work-life balance all add to a best-in-class employee experience.

The Position

This Data Scientist will contribute to the research team’s effort towards exploring and creating new technology and being a world leader in data science within our fields. The Data Scientist will bring elements of data collection, preparation, and engineering as well as software engineering in a data science context, specifically in the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) approaches. Moreover, the Data Scientist will, with guidance from more senior Data Scientists, contribute to the development and validation of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms and models, and work closely with other engineers to build AI/ML-fueled products.

As Data Scientist – AI/ML you will develop and validate algorithms based various AI/ML approaches and implement and maintain local and cloud-based data and computational environments and platforms and help to integrate data from different sources. You will perform data pipelines (data acquisition, preparation, cleaning, and consolidation) as an integral part of data science activity and develop web applications to visualize how AI/ML works which may include a complex data visualization as an integral part of data science activity. The Data Scientist will collaborate with other Data Scientists, as well as engineers and/or scientists from other disciplines to complete daily tasks and will also collaborate with other data scientists to design, code, train, test, deploy, and iterate on machine learning systems. Furthermore, you will occasionally show initiative in recognizing and addressing unmet patient needs using data.

The Data Scientist reports to the head of the related research area. Internal partners include data scientists, specialists, engineers, software developers, technology scouts & partnership developers, system engineers, designers, anthropologists, medical doctors, IT professionals, and others across US and Denmark. External relationships include commercial and academic collaboration partners.


  • A Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years’ relevant experience required or Master’s Degree with 1+ years’ relevant experience can be considered. Degree within computer science, mathematics, engineering, physics, statistics, or a related quantitative discipline is preferred.
  • Relevant experience includes:
    • Experience with software development which includes writing high quality code processing data using Python, R, or Matlab.
    • Ability to develop and validate algorithms against clinical data, ensuring appropriateness of fit for data science processes.
    • Experience with with modern data science approaches including unsupervised and supervised classification and regression algorithms such as k-means clustering, support vector machines, random forests, neural networks and deep learning.  May also have expertise in statistical modeling or broader applied mathematics such as optimization theory.
    • Ability to perform in-depth data analysis and present results and conclusions to engineering and leadership teams.
  • Preferred experience includes:
    • Experience with containerization and standard cloud services such as AWS S3, EC2, and Lamba Function.
    • Experience in data management, database management system, and familiarity with NoSQL and/or Graph database.
    • Experience in pharmaceutical industry, healthcare industry, regulated medical device development or in another regulated field.
  • Tilføjet 4. juni, 2022