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Data Science & AI Tilføjet 29. april, 2021 KøbenhavnKøbenhavns Universitet

Center for Health Data Science (HeaDS), Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen is hiring a data scientist to lead the establishment of a national “sandbox” infrastructure in health data science. The position is as coordinator and main manager of the project. The position is for five years and the start date is July 1, 2021 or as soon as possible.

The National Health Data Science Sandbox for Training and Research

Research and training in health data science are greatly needed, but it is complicated by the person-sensitive nature of health data. We are establishing a national infrastructure, a “sandbox”, in which students and researchers can work with data without any risk of leaking personal information. In the sandbox, users will have access to synthetic data that looks like real data as well as tools, computer programs and supercomputing power, exactly as if they worked on a real project, and therefore it will be easy to move from the sandbox to real applications. The Sandbox is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is a national collaboration between Danish Universities and headed by Professor Anders Krogh at the Center for Health Data Science at UCPH. The partners and their tasks:

KU: Coordinates tools and data for transcriptomics, single cell and image analysis
AAU: Coordinates heath register data and tools
AU: Coordinates tools and data in genomics and online teaching tools
SDU: Coordinates tools and data for proteomics and integration with U-cloud
DTU: Coordinates data and tool curation, social media and wearables data, interoperability

About Center for Health Data Science:

The aim of the newly established Center for Health Data Science, launched in March 2020, is to strengthen data science research and use, at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The Center is headed by professor Anders Krogh, and will function as a hub for research groups throughout the Faculty to establish data science as a topic of research in its own right. The data science lab within the Center provides data science support for all research groups at SUND and will be in charge of courses to improve the data science skills of the biomedical researchers in-house. The long-term goal of the Center is to house multiple research groups in health data science. Our philosophy is a relaxed work environment driven by inspired and independent people, and we hope that our new data scientists will help us build upon this.

Sandbox coordinator

The coordinator will be the daily leader of the project and be responsible for coordination among the partners and also participate actively in the sandbox development. The local group will employ one additional data scientist on the project, and four others will be employed at the other universities. Your job will also involve coordination with HPC installations in Denmark. Along with the other staff employed in the Sandbox, you will also be involved in teaching users, including organizing courses and teaching and supporting instructors using the infrastructure in other courses. As coordinator, you will also be responsible for collaboration with other related efforts, such as the Elixir Training Platform, and you will assist the head of the project in administrative tasks.

Your academic profile:

You should hold a PhD degree (or similar experience) in bioinformatics, computer science, biostatistics, or a field of science relating to data science and have extensive experience with medical or health data. We expect you to have several years of experience in academia or industry and preferable some project management skills and experience. In addition, you must be able to tick off several of these:

  • Familiar with sensitive medical data and GDPR compliance rules
  • Programming skills
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Experience with and interest in teaching
  • Well-versed in working with large datasets, e.g., storage, data management, and computing
  • Experience with HPC and cloud solutions
  • Previous experience with one or more of the following:
    • Simulation, generation of synthetic data, pseudonymization
    • RNA-seq data (mapping, quantification, down-stream analysis)
    • Single cell analysis (RNA, DNA)
    • Analysis of biomedical images
    • Proteomics data
    • Medical register data

Valued personal competencies:

  • Independent and creative
  • Outgoing and good with people, and you enjoy teaching within your field of expertise
  • Proficient in English
  • Flexible and interested in taking on different tasks
  • Tilføjet 29. april, 2021
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