Football Data Consultant

Analyse & Analytics Tilføjet 21. november, 2021 BallerupKMD

Do you want to promote and develop Danish elite football through the use of data? Do you want to participate in a cooperate with KMD, Divisionsforeningen and the football clubs in the Danish 3F Superliga and Nordic Bet Liga?

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KMD is – together with Divisionsforeningen – looking for a football analyst who is going to participate in leading a newly started data project in Danish elite football. We are looking for a person who sees possibilities, and who would be able to participate in directly impacting the future of Danish football. Furthermore, they would actively spend time at the different clubs to develop data-driven solutions through Power BI e.g. which would create value for the respective clubs and their communities. Through the job, you will get the opportunity to develop IT skills and business skills, which would be useful in a future position as management consultant.

The position as Football Data Consultant is part of a project between KMD and Divisionsforeningen. Divisionsforeningen represent all football clubs in the 3F Superliga, Nordic Bet Liga, The Danish 2nd and 3rd Division, and they aim to support the vital task of developing Danish football through data-driven solutions. This will help ensure and optimize the international competitiveness of the Danish football clubs in the future.

About the job

You are actively going to participate in leading the new project, where the target is to develop and integrate innovative and technical solutions on already existing data sources in cooperation with the respective football clubs. Backend data is established with sources like Optic Tracking Data (Second Spectrum), Event Data (OPTA, WyScout) and master data on players (FODA) among others.

You will join a team consisting of 24 employees at KMD, primarily located in our offices in Ballerup. The team is also represented in Aarhus and Aalborg. At the same time you will also have a base at the Divisionsforeningen. Practical meaning that you will have two main offices. However, your physical location isn’t essential since much of the work is expected to be carried out at the different clubs and possibly at Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark) in close cooperation with Divisionsforeningen. You need to be adjusted to the fact that you will be on the football clubs’ sites 2-4 times a week – especially during the establishing phase (3 to 12 months). Afterwards, it is expected to be 1-2 times a week. This means that a driver’s license is a necessity.

Your work will vary a lot, and you will have to cooperate with football clubs with little to none experience with the usage of data as well as clubs which are experienced with data processing. Divisionsforeningen have their own analyses as well, and it is expected that you can assist in and automate different processes. An example of a task for Divisionsforeningen could be for their annual report of the development of football in the 3F Superliga (The Technical Report for the 3F Superliga). Furthermore, you would also be helping with the establishment of the data infrastructure in a future national test center which will be managed by Syddansk Universitet in cooperation with 14 different licensed under 17’s youth clubs.


Your primary tasks consist of:

  • Taking on the primary responsibility in empowering the use of data for Danish men’s football
  • Facilitating alignment of needs in cooperation with Divisionsforeningen and Danish elite clubs
  • Establishing of POC (proof of concept)
  • Developing new data tools for the clubs
  • Help researchers and professors from Syddansk Universitet with data processing

About you

We expect you to have a solid technical foundation, be solution-oriented and to possess a good sense of perspective. You need to be able to act as a sparring partner and be able to understand the clubs’ and SDU’s needs. You take responsibility for the task, you can work independently and in teams, and you aren’t afraid to voice your opinion. You are a “doer” by nature. Following a task from start (idea phase) to finish (implementation and design). Furthermore, you approach tasks structurally, and as a person, you have an attention to detail. We expect you to be fluent in Danish and English, both written and oral. It’s expected that you have a master’s degree, such as cand.merc., cand.oecon., cand.scient. or cand.polyt. Lastly, we expect you to have an analytical mindset and see possibilities in data.

You don’t have to have played or been a part of any elite sports communities, but it would of course be noted positively, if it were the case.

We imagine that you have the following qualifications:

  • Relevant technical background and education (a relevant master’s degree, e.g.)
  • Minimum 1 – 2 years of work experience (relevant student jobs count as well)
  • Solid experience with Power BI or similar tools

Furthermore, it would be considered a plus if you had experience with the following:

  • DAX and SQL, understanding of reporting and data modelling
  • Big data sets with many different data sources
  • R
  • Python

We offer

As our new colleague, we offer you:

  • An environment where you will have time for family, friends and hobbies
  • Influence on your workdays and your deliveries
  • A work environment based on trust in the individual
  • A recognizing and forgiving work culture where you’re allowed to make mistakes

Furthermore, we offer a community which prioritizes professional development, humor, and a strong team mentality.

  • Tilføjet 21. november, 2021