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English jobs in Copenhagen

Too often, you will read a job ad for an exciting company in English, imagine yourself in the role – just to find out that a Scandinavian language is required for the position. Why do companies then write the whole advertisement for the position in English, when most often Danish and/or other Scandinavian languages are needed?

Well, the answer is simple. The advertisement is first and foremost targeted at Danish and/or Scandinavian speaking candidates first. English is chosen to underline the importance of that language, when working in the position advertised. However, since the job is in Copenhagen (or other parts in Denmark), you will must likely also use Danish too. However, you should not be discouraged by job ads written in English, when looking for a job in Copenhagen. In this guide, we will tell you 1) how to find English speaking jobs in Copenhagen now, and 2) how to apply for English jobs in Copenhagen, even though they list Danish and/or Scandinavian languages too.

Data Jobs in English posted in Copenhagen

This website is specialized in Data Jobs in the Greater Copenhagen Area, whether it is advertised in Danish or in English. If you are working in (or want to work in) data, then there is a high probability that you can find a job in Copenhagen while “only” speaking the English language.

So, go to the frontpage of to find data jobs in Copenhagen. You can browse by category and experience. Often, the English data jobs posted are for those that can’t speak Danish and/or a Scandinavian language. If you want convenience, you can subscribe to the Job Alert and receive a notification every time there is a new data job suiting your needs:

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Apply for English jobs in Copenhagen when Danish is required

The second promise of this article was to give you a guide to applying for English jobs in Copenhagen, when Danish and/or a Scandinavian language is a prerequisite for the position advertised. Below, you will find the reason for why you should apply to English jobs in Copenhagen regardless of other language requirements.

Job advertisements are for the perfect candidate

You should definitely be able to comply with the requirements in the job advertisement. However, remember that the job advertisements often are filled with requirements for the perfect candidate – and the perfect candidate does not always exist. For example, some companies might want candidates who are proficient in the most popular programming languages available – even though suitable candidates exist for those positions, they might be difficult to find. So difficult that there is a likelihood of demand far exceeding supply.

In such situations, many companies are willing to hire – and must hire due to their own needs – candidates that comply with less than 100% of the requirements listed in the job description. This happens more often than you might think – also when it comes to the language requirements.

Therefore, you should definitely apply to positions, when your competencies and skills comply with the requirements in the job advertisement. Even though, you might not fulfill the requirements for the Danish and/or Scandinavian language.

Happy job hunting!